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Single-phase large horsepower electric motors up to 100 HP for rural irrigation and pump systems, grain drying and processing, gas compression equipment, dairy production, barn ventilation and many other applications will operate with low energy costs and high efficiency. The Written-Pole® motor is a true single-phase machine. There is NO phase-converter. These electric motors replace diesel engines in many larger horsepower sizes and will substantially reduce operating costs as diesel fuel costs continue to rise.

The Power-RideTM motor incorporates a large internal flywheel as part of its design. This flywheel continues to deliver power to the motor shaft during momentary power interruptions. Upon restoration of utility power, the motor instantaneously reconnects to the utility supply and continues to operate the load. The motors are available in single-phase up to 100 HP, and in 3-phase sizes up to 1000 HP. The Power-Ride motor can be used in many critical industrial applications such as fans, blowers, conveyors, pumps, and anywhere that continuous operation and instant restart of the motor is needed.

1-to-3TM Power Source uses a Written-Pole® Single-Phase motor to drive a 3-phase generator. There is NO phase converter - but rather a true single-phase motor that is mechanically coupled to a true 3-phase generator. This replaces the need for phase converters, and replaces the need for costly 3-phase power lines to be installed at each application site. These systems are used on farms and other rural locations to power meat processing plants, dairy production, refrigeration, and even other types of 3-phase motors for submersible pumps and wells. Mobile power: The 1-to-3TM can be easily relocated to any site that single-phase power is available.

Written-Pole® Motor-Generators, Roesel Motor-Generators® (RMG), and RMG-iTM (with integral Engine) provide the ultimate isolation and continuous protection from spikes, sags, momentary and extended outages, and other variations in the utility power. Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) typically use batteries as the primary source of stored power. Precise Power Corporation does not use batteries. The RMG and RMG-i use the patented Written-Pole® Technology and an internal flywheel rotor to ride through utility power system problems. The integral engine included with the RMG-i starts by using the RMG flywheel energy so there are no batteries needed in the system. The RMG and RMG-i is packaged with all controls including a make-before-break Automatic Bypass System. Standard engines for the RMG-i are LPG(propane) or natural gas.
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